PCN- Parent Collaborative Network

What is the Parent Collaborative Network?

The PCN is a group of parents representing the K-8 span of classrooms at CFCI who meet regularly with the Director to collaborate and provide advice, support and guidance in matters related to CFCI.


What are the duties and responsibilities of the PCN?

It shall be the duty and responsibility of the PCN to work with the school Director, faculty, and Partnership by providing advice, support, and guidance in matters relating to the general welfare of the school.

It also shall be the responsibility of the PCN to:  (1) improve communication and understanding of education at CFCI; (2) recommend policy and policy amendments; (3) assist in needs assessments and encourage volunteer participation in all activities and events; (4) be informed of the school’s financial status; and (5) perform other duties as prescribed by the CFCI Board of Directors; and (6) support and strengthen CFCI Social Curriculum.


Who are the members of the PCN and how do I communicate with them if I have questions or concerns? 

See member pictures and bios below!  

Contact members of the PCN at pcn@cfci.net.

How do I get on the agenda for a PCN meeting?

Email your request to pcn@cfci.net detailing what you would like to discuss with the group.  All agenda requests must be received 7 calendar days (one week) prior to the PCN meeting.  The PCN will reach out to you following the development of the agenda for the month.


When does the PCN meet?- The first WEDNESDAY of each month at 8:30am.

8.7.18 PCN Agenda

9.5.18 PCN Agenda

11.7.18 PCN Agenda

2018-2019 Meeting Minutes

8.7.18 Minutes

9.5.18 Minutes

11.7.18 minutes


PCN Member Biographies:  Contact us at pcn@cfci.net!  If your question is loop-level specific, just indicate that in the subject line and your loop representative will get back to you.

Kelli Flowers- Chairperson-6th-8th Grade Representative pcn@cfci.net or  6-8pcn@cfci.net

My name is Kelli Flowers, and I have a rising 6th grader named Carter. We have had 2 other children go through CFCI previously, one of which is a rising sophomore in college and the other is a rising junior at NHHS. I currently manage a landscaping equipment dealership, Cape Fear Outdoor, and have been involved in the outdoor power equipment industry for almost 17 years.

My family joined CFCI 10 years ago after speaking to a friend about the frustrations in mainstream education. We have been very impressed with the teaching model of CFCI, the sense of community, and the faculty. My goal to being on the PCN is to allow the parents and faculty a way to adequately communicate any concerns that may arise in the school year, and to help resolve any conflicts that may arise. I look forward to serving the school this year and hope to represent the middle grades to the best of my ability.


Keri Wray-Kindergarten-1st Grade Representative k-1pcn@cfci.net
keri wray

My name is Keri Wray and I am excited to get involved at CFCI as not only a parent of rising 6th and 2nd graders, but as a member of the PCN! I have worked in education for thirteen years and a big part of my job as a preschool director is to bridge the gap between teachers and parents. I look forward to helping do this at CFCI and getting to know more families through the process of serving on the PCN.


Shelley Thomas- 2nd-3rd Grade Representative- 2-3pcn@cfci.net

My name is Shelley Thomas and I have three children at CFCI – twin girls in third grade and a son in kindergarten.  We love being part of the CFCI community and it has been a joy to volunteer in the classroom, on field trips and by chairing the book fair for the past three years.  I am thankful to send my children to a school where the teachers care about them as people and not just scores.  Prior to life as a stay-at-home mom, I received my MPH and worked as a rural health educator.  Currently, in addition to helping out around school, I work part-time for a local non-profit and enjoy exercising, reading and baking.

E Stanfield 4th-5th Grade Representative- 4-5pcn@cfci.net

Elaine Jack- 6th-8th Grade Representative- 6-8pcn@cfci.net

I have been an active part of the CFCI family for the last five years. Currently, I am the Partnership’s (PTO) classroom parent representative, which requires communicating between the class parents, teachers and Partnership. My background is Biology with a strong emphasis in natural resource sustainability and marine ecology. Most recently, I owned and operated a small eco-business. I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, moved to Colorado for college, and later to California for graduate school. For nearly 17 years, I’ve lived in an old house in southern Wilmington. I enjoy being in nature walking, hiking, swimming, gardening, as well as cooking, traveling, reading, and family time. I am a long time yoga practitioner, which plays a strong influence in my life.

Angela Carson- Partnership Representative partnership@cfci.net
Angela Carson's Photo

Angela Carson has three children attending CFCI. She is currently the co-chair of the Partnership and is looking forward to a very fun year. Her favorite partnership activity is Pot Luck Bingo! Angela enjoys taking Zumba classes at the Y, watching her boys play soccer, and cooking for her family.

Lori Roy- CFCI Director- lori.roy@cfci.net
lori roy pcn

My name is Lori Roy and I have the distinct privilege to be the Director at the Cape Fear Center for Inquiry. I truly enjoyed working with this team last year and am excited to see it grow, strengthen and increase collaboration with all stakeholders for our school. We pride ourselves in communication and collaboration, but it is often difficult to reach all stakeholders and know what all questions and concerns may be. The Parent Collaborative Network is an opportunity for CFCI faculty, staff, parents, board and community members to collaborate and brainstorm/problem-solve and simply keep communication open. This is going to be a great year!

PCN Gen-X Summary

GenX in our region’s water is a concern for us all. Addressing this water contamination problem is complicated, because this is not simply a school-wide issue but a regional one. To date, data is being collected on the contamination in the river and will be collected on humans, so there is still so much we can learn about this issue.

Research shows that reverse-osmosis (RO) is known to nearly eliminate GenX and other contaminants from the water supply. RO systems of all sizes require maintenance and demand a lot of water to produce clean water. It also removes important trace minerals that our metabolism needs. Since GenX was revealed in the spring of 2017, each of us has decided how we will address GenX within our own families. While the idea of retrofitting CFCI’s water fountains or installing a school-wide RO system may seem like the right solution to some, this is not a route CFCI will pursue. We encourage you to address the situation like you would at home. We must also consider the environmental impact on RO.

The PCN concluded that families continue to use the system you have been using since the contamination was revealed. Our decision is not based solely on funding. We believe that CFCI has many important issues to address. Of course the safety of our students and staff is important; however, there are other ways to provide safe, potable water for you children at school. We encourage those that have concerns to send in as much water as you think your child might consume with no worry.