What is MTSS?

NC MTSS is a multi-tiered framework which promotes school improvement for ALL students through engaging, research-based academic and behavioral practices. MTSS employs a systemic means of problem-solving data (student outcomes and implementation data) and uses that information to improve outcomes for ALL students and to provide needed supports to classroom teachers. In addition, MTSS offers systemic supports that allow for alignment of resources that results in a healthy school culture with common language, aligned teaming structures, purposeful communication, adequate professional development and coaching, and positive student outcomes.

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The critical components of MTSS are:

  1. Leadership

  2. Data-based Problem Solving

  3. Data Evaluation

  4. Three Tiers of Instruction/Intervention

  5. Building Capacity/Infrastructure for Implementation

  6. Communication and Collaboration

As an administrator, this means... 

  • I understand that MTSS is a school improvement framework that allows my leadership team to align district/school efforts that result in efficiency for the adults and effectiveness for students.

As a teacher, this means...

  • I am provided needed supports through shared leadership roles, aligned teaming structures, defined communication loops, relevant professional development, adequate coaching, and purposeful scheduling to ensure my ability to teach ALL students.

As a parent, this means...

  • My child attends a school where high expectations are the norm and resources are properly utilized to ensure those expectations are met.

As a student, this means...

  • I attend a school where the teachers believe in my ability to succeed and have the skill set and resources to make it happen.

At CFCI, the MTSS approach includes:

  • Teamwork and Parent/Family Engagement

  • School/Community Collaboration

  • Data-based Decision Making

  • Response to Student Needs (Intervention)

  • Professional Development for Educators

  • Strategic Curriculum Design

  • Strong Social Curriculum (Responsive Classroom)

MTSS Umbrella

MTSS Perspectives

What it is...What it is NOT...
A frameworkNew
Flexible A program
Data-drivenA pathway to Special Education