CFCI 2019-2023 Strategic Plan: HERE WE GROW!!!


Theme #1:  Model School for Inquiry

Theme #2:  High Quality Talent

Theme #3:  Academic Program Excellence

Theme #4:  Culture of Community

Theme #5:   Mission-Based Learning Environment

Goals and Objectives

Visit this page to see the living document that includes the Themes, Goals, Objectives and steps for how we will get there!  It takes a village to do the work that we do.  Thank you for being part of (or just interested in) CFCI!!!

Data: How did we get here

Visit this page to see links to the variety of data sources that were used to help us determine the 5 major themes that we will be focusing our efforts towards over the next 2-3 school years.  There is also a link to our simplified Kid-Friendly version!

INQUIRY DEFINED: Inquiry At CFCI Is A Rigorous Discovery Process Driven By Curriculum And Curiosity That Requires Exploration, Analysis And Problem-Solving

What do we need?

COMING SOON:  Our prioritized needs and how we accomplish and/or fund them will be linked here!

Help Us Grow!

COMING SOON:  Here We Grow CFCI!  Are you interested in helping us reach our goals?  You came to the right place!


"CFCI means teachers who care—who come into their classrooms and plan on weekends, who attend their students’ out of school events, who spend time running and organizing clubs, who see each student as an individual with individual interests, problems, or joys. They work hard to pass on to students their love of the subjects they teach and want them to understand how these disciplines fit in to students’ lives and why they matter. A school IS its faculty, and CFCI has the finest group of teachers anywhere."

"CFCI means a lot to me because it is such a positive learning and working environment, which promotes maximum growth and achievement!"

"We love CFCI for many reasons, but the biggest reason is their dedication to the students. I love the inquiry and independent based approach to learning. I have a child who loves to learn, who is inquisitive about everything, who thinks out of the box and is just a little bit weird. And I LOVE everything bit of that about him. It means so much to me that the teachers and staff at CFCI embrace that and allow him to be himself and encourage his creativity and inquisitive nature. I know he truly loves to go to school each day."

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Our Mission

Cape Fear Center for Inquiry is committed to promoting students' abilities to think and create in personally meaningful ways through an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum in a nurturing and empowering environment.


Our Motto:

Learn. Share. Live.


CFCI will foster academic and social inquiry based learning by enriching the state curriculum. We will facilitate research, communication and action through:
• community partnerships
• environmental education
• global connection
• technology
• wellness.


At CFCI, we believe that the whole child is more important than any single factor. We recognize physical, intellectual, emotional and social development as integral parts of each child’s growth and learning process.


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