• Exceptional Children’s Program- Your students’s case manager and/or Kelly Rooney (krooney@cfci.net)


  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) + 504s + Giftedness - Your student’s teacher, MTSS Coordinator- Lisa Cole (lcole@cfci.net)



  • Safety Questions that need to be immediately addressed (in other words, not something that is necessarily appropriate to wait for the next PCN meeting to discuss)- Ben Pierce (bpierce@cfci.net) and/or Ben Rose (brose@cfci.net) or any member of leadership team





  • Field Trips- Specific to a class trip- contact child’s teacher; Ben Rose (brose@cfci.net) for background checks


  • Illnesses/absences- Make sure to communicate information to your child's teacher AND the front office.  (office@cfci.net)



  • Partnership (PTO)- partnership@cfci.net; if you are interested in helping with things like bookfair, Winter Festival, box tops, community celebrations, etc.


  • End of Grade Testing/ CFCI Testing: Ben Pierce (bpierce@cfci.net)


  • Parent Collaborative Network (PCN)- Do you have ideas, questions, etc. that would be beneficial for a group of volunteer parents repersenting all grade levels to discuss with administration?  Email your loop representative:Contact all members generally at pcn@cfci.net.


  • Miscellaneous- If in doubt, forward or direct your questions to the front office office@cfci.net

Do you have other topics to add to our Communication Website?  Email office@cfci.net