Communication Guide: Who Can I Ask?



  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)- your student’s teacher, MTSS Coordinator- Lisa Cole (



  • Safety Questions that need to be immediately addressed (in other words, not something that is necessarily appropriate to wait for the next PCN meeting to discuss)-  Kathy Coke- any member of administrative team


  • Fundraising Ideas: Development Committee  Kathy Coke- any member of administrative team Partnership (; other faculty/staff connected to idea (ie: PE- Mrs. Hayes, music ideas- Mr. Rose, Technology- Mr. Allen/Ms. Cress….)






  • Field Trips- Specific to a class trip- contact child’s teacher


  • Illnesses/absences- Make sure to communicate information to your child's teacher AND the front office.  (


  • Attendance Meetings- CFCI follows the NC attendance laws as outlined in G.S. 115C-378.  You may be contacted about days missed and may be asked to come in for an attendance meeting to talk about how CFCI might be able to support.  Contact Michal Cohen, School Counselor for attendance meetings questions. (


  • Volunteering/Background Checks- Ben Rose in Front Office (


  • Partnership (PTO)-; if you are interested in helping with things like bookfair, Winter Festival, box tops, community celebrations, etc.



  • Parent Collaborative Network (PCN)- Do you have ideas, questions, etc. that would be beneficial for a group of volunteer parents repersenting all grade levels to discuss with administration?  Email your loop representative:Contact all members generally at


  • Miscellaneous- If in doubt, forward or direct your questions to Ben Rose or Susan Bolger in the front office

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