Policy 121 Parent Collaborative Network

What is the Parent
Collaborative Network?

The PCN is a group of parents representing the K-8 span of classrooms at
CFCI who meet regularly with the Director to collaborate and provide advice,
support and guidance in matters related to CFCI. 

What are the duties
and responsibilities of the PCN?

It shall be the duty and
responsibility of the PCN to work with the school Director, faculty, and
Partnership by providing advice, support, and guidance in matters relating to
the general welfare of the school.

It also shall be the responsibility of the PCN to:  (1) improve communication and understanding of education at CFCI; (2) recommend policy and policy amendments; (3) assist in needs assessments and encourage volunteer participation in all activities and events; (4) be informed of the school's financial status; and (5) perform other duties as prescribed by the CFCI Board of Directors; and (6) support and strengthen CFCI Social Curriculum.

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