What is Fund the Wonder? Fund the Wonder is simply the name we have given our direct donation fundraiser. The Partnership (PTO) will not be asking our children to sell wrapping paper, cookie dough, donuts, coupons, or anything else. Our goal is to allow parents and volunteers to focus on our children and school, not fundraising.  The money raised through Fund the Wonder goes to the classrooms and teachers as additional support beyond the government funding CFCI receives. The more we raise, the more we can support our students. It’s as simple as that. Here are a few things Fund the Wonder has financed in the past:

  •  Classroom materials
  •  Scholastic books and materials for classrooms
  •  Playground equipment 
  •  Professional development conferences for teachers/administration
  • Teacher wish lists for equipment and supplies
  • Discovery Education

Fund the Wonder kicks off next Monday, September 30th, and runs through October 11th. Our 2019 goal is $10,000. Thanks for being a part of the incredible community at CFCI!

Please email the Partnership at partnership@cfci.net with questions.