CFCI 2018-2019 Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

 Agenda Submission Requests: All requests should be submitted via e-mail to Board Secretary, Beth Carter at with “CFCI Board Agenda” in the subject line. The request must include the subject, a brief synopsis of what you would like to present, the amount of time requested, any handouts you would like to distribute, and whether your request is informational, discussion, and/or a request for board action. All requests and materials need to be submitted by noon on the first Friday of the month. If all requested information is not received by deadline, the request will not be considered until the following month's board meeting. The Board Executive Committee reserves the right to determine whether the item is added to the agenda, to ask for additional information, or to redirect the request to an appropriate committee or person.
Board Meeting Schedule- All meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6pm in a CFCI Classroom unless otherwise posted.
2018-2019 Board Meeting Schedule
July 3, 2018- Special Called Board Meeting
July 17, 2018- 6pm at CFCI
August 23, 2018- Board Meeting (Moved from 21st due to 1st day of school)
September - No Meeting due to Florence
October 16, 2018- 6pm at CFCI
November 20, 2018- 6pm at CFCI
December 1, 2018- 11:30am at CFCI
January 7, 2019:  6pm- Special Called Board Meeting
January 15, 2019:  6pm at CFCI
February 19, 2019:  6pm at CFCI
March 19, 2019:  6pm at CFCI
April 9, 2019:  6pm at CFCI- Note Meeting Date Change
May 14, 2019:  6pm at CFCI- Note Meeting Date Change
June 18, 2019:  6pm at CFCI