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Instructions for How Remote Learning Works in 7th Grade

  1. Each morning you should  log into Advisory to see a message from us
  2. Check Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies to see the work posted for the day.  We will post all work in a slide show and add instructions, links, work, etc. each day. Check all four classes for instructions before 9:00 so that if you have questions, you can email us during our morning office hours for clarification. 
  3. Begin working on any subject and move through the day’s work.  You can use the schedule we provided to keep yourself on track. 
  4. If you have questions/ suggestions throughout the day- get those to us by 3 PM so that we can answer you during our afternoon office hours.  
  5. Grades will be given on some for completion of assignments and other grades will be given based on accuracy.  
  6. The goal is to finish work each day.  We do understand that schedules may change so the hard deadline for the week’s work is Sunday afternoon by 5 PM. 

Teacher Office Hours

All Teachers 9:00-10:00

Mr. Echavarria 11:00-12:00

Mr. Hart 3:00-4:00

Ms. Moore 3:00-4:00

Office Hours means that the particular teacher will be available to respond to emails during that hour. That will be the primary means of communication during this time and students and parents can expect a fairly rapid response time.  


Parents and Students,

This is our suggestion of a daily schedule to help you make sure you are balancing your academics and movements throughout the day. Please do not feel you have to follow it, so long as all the work is being completed daily. Our office hours are during the above set hours, morning and afternoon.  

Parents, we are also recommending that you actively login in with your child to Google Classroom for the first few days or as needed throughout to assist them daily.  It may even be beneficial to download the app on your phone and sign in with your child’s school email account. It will be our main source of communication with students, but keep in mind we will still communicate with parents directly through email or phone as we always have done in the past. With this new wave of communication during these times, it is important to note the newsletter will not be the main source of information until further notice so please be sure to check your emails on a daily basis to stay up to date if any changes are necessary. Thank you for your dedication and patience as we navigate the uncharted waters.




The Middle Grades Team

Remote Learning Daily Schedule

8:30-9:30     Login and review days assignments/Advisory check-in

9:00-10:00  Office Hours (Teachers available to contact “live” via email)

8:30-10:00   Academic Time

10:00-10:30 Movement break/ snack/ fresh air

10:30-11:30   Academic Time

11:30-12:00   Lunch

12:00-1:00    Academic Time

1:00-2:00     Recess/Exercise/PE/Outside time

3:00-4:00    Afternoon Office hours

Ms. Moore’s ELA and Social Studies Classes


Social Studies

Online Learning Problem Solving

Mr. E’s Class

This is the outline for the 7/8 Geometry project during this time. Pieces will be added daily in classroom.

The Backyard Architect- Description