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a public charter school in Wilmington, NC is seeking applicants for a School Psychologist and Coordinator of Student Services:

School Psychologist (part time)

The school psychologist at CFCI assists students, families and teachers in understanding, preventing, and addressing learning, behavioral, developmental, and emotional difficulties.

School psychologists help students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. They collaborate with educators, administrators, families, and other mental health professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students and strengthen connections between home and school. The school psychologist is part of a collaborative team of support personnel that provides social, emotional, and educational opportunities in classrooms, small group, and individual settings.

  • Reports to: Coordinator of Student Services and CFCI Director
  • Required Education and Certification: Licensed School Psychologist in NC
  • Years of Experience: 3-5 years of school psychology experience
  • Position Type:  10 month, part-time
  • Hours:   20 hours per week
  • Salary:  Based on NC School Psychologist Salary Schedule (adjusted for hours worked)
  • Benefits:  none
  • Term:  August 14, 2018 through June 11, 2019.  Follows calendar for teachers. All professional staff at CFCI are on one year contracts. Contract renewal is contingent upon successful performance and completion of duties and expectations as well as funding.

 For the FULL Job Description Click HERE.

If you are interested, please download an application from the link below this description. Once complete, the application can be emailed (jsolomon@cfci.net), faxed (910-362-0048), mailed or delivered to Jennifer Solomon, Human Resources Coordinator. Deadline for applications is May 31, 2018. Candidates must have a completed application on file by May 31, 2018 in order to be considered. If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Solomon.



Job Description:

Assistant Director Roles

Actively participate in the CFCI Administrative Support Team
Act as a role model of CFCI’s social curriculum in all interactions with faculty, staff, students, parents, Board of Directors and community members
Assist in student discipline situations that need administration involvement
Serve on appropriate Board Committee(s) as designated through Administrative Support Team
Monitor the structures and processes to support collaboration and student achievement
Resolve school-based problems/conflicts in a fair manner that aligned with North Carolina General Statues and Cape Fear Center for Inquiry Policies and Procedures
Assist the Director in the transformation of the school culture into a results-oriented collaborative learning community.
Support the Director in the collaborative development, implementation, and ongoing refinement of the school’s Strategic Plan.
Serve as Director in the absence of the Director.
Assist in maintaining discipline throughout the student body; deal with special cases as necessary.
Works in conjunction with the Director in supervising all school activities, i.e., field trips, orientation programs, assemblies, plays, musicals, and other special events.
Builds an environment that fosters collaboration and continuous improvement through teacher evaluation and support
Acts in a supportive role with the Director in working with parents, teachers, and the community to promote the effective flow of communications and ensure positive relations with parents, business leaders and community members.
Perform all other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Director and delineated by the Administrative Support Team

Special Education Coordinator Roles  

(*EC-Exceptional Children- North Carolina language for Special Education)



Advise the school’s Director and other Administrative Staff on all legal issues related to special education policies, procedures and services
Advise all teaching staff on the legally required provision of services in the general education and special education settings
Advise parents and provide information regarding special education and related service provisions at Cape Fear Center for Inquiry



Serve on IEP Teams as the Local Education Agency (LEA) Representative
Supervise all special education delivery services to include monitoring the implementation of all IEP services for fidelity of instructional model
Secure and monitor contract personnel as needed for the provision of Psychological services, Speech Therapy services to include audiology services, Occupational Therapy services, and Physical Therapy services
Supervise, train, evaluate and support the special education teaching/behavioral staff
Support EC Compliance Coordinator to ensure all EC staff members are in accordance with state and school policies and procedures.
Supervise compliance procedures for teachers to ensure active EC student records meet all requirements and are compliant; maintain inactive files for retrieval
Oversee all initial referrals for special education to determine eligibility
Oversee all student re-evaluation review meetings to determine ongoing eligibility and appropriate student services
Supervise EC teachers/EC teacher assistants to ensure accountability



Lead in the development and annual review of CFCI’s LEA Self Assessment
Develop and provide timely submission of the IDEA grant and budgets
Lead in the development of the Behavioral grant (currently the PRC-29 grant)
Develop, track data and provide timely submission of monthly indicators, student counts, student transfers and other relevant information for DPI grants and budgets
Maintain all data in the ECATS online reporting system pertinent for state reporting



Attend all regional and state meetings and conferences pertaining to special education operations and grant implementation (IDEA Grant, PRC-29 Grant, LEA Self Assessment ECATS)
Conduct regular special education staff trainings focused on needs
Ensure faculty and staff are well versed in all requirements to implement student Individualized Education Programs (IEP) for the effective implementation of IDEA
Act as CFCI’s expert trainer for the new online reporting system, ECATS



In conjunction with the Human Resources Coordinator, monitor certification/licensure/ insurance appropriate for special education staff and contract personnel
In conjunction with the Business Operations Coordinator, monitor all budgetary submissions and maintenance of revisions to grants
In conjunction with the Testing Coordinator and EC Compliance Coordinator, coordinate EC testing accommodations; verifying information through ECATS
Coordinate Speech/Language screenings – Kindergarten
Support school-wide Vision and Hearing screenings– grades 1, 3 and 6


MTSS Coordinator Duties

Co-Coordinate a multi-tiered model of support delivery that identifies student needs, establish appropriate research based interventions and enables the efficient use of school resources
Co-Coordinate MTSS leadership team to ensure team members are meeting state expectations
Participate in school efforts to ensure high quality instruction is being provided and interventions for academic and behavior are matched to student needs
Establish written policies, practices and implementation plans
Provide necessary training of MTSS policies and practice to staff
Help to analyze academic and behavioral data and share with appropriate personnel
Ensure fidelity of MTSS meetings that include continual application of a structured problem solving process that involves staff, families and support services


Required Education:  Masters of Education in Special Education or related field

Years of Experience:  Minimum of 5 years classroom experience; plus additional administrative/supervisory experience preferred

Position Type:  11 month, full time

Salary Range: $52,000 – $68,000

Benefits: State Health Plan, State Retirement Plan, NC Flex, 401K, 403b, paid Sick Leave and Annual Leave
Hours: Full time, 7:30 am -3:30 pm school hours (additional hours as needed for faculty meetings, committee meetings, etc.)

If you are interested, please download an application from the link below this description. Once complete, the application can be emailed (jsolomon@cfci.net), faxed(910-362-0048), mailed or delivered to Jennifer Solomon, Human Resources Coordinator. Deadline for applications is May 23, 2018. Candidates must have a completed application on file by May 23, 2018 in order to be considered. If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Solomon.



Application for Employment- WORD format

Application for Employment- PDF format (typable version comping soon)

Please contact Jennifer Solomon, HR Coordinator with any questions about CFCI Employment Opportunities.

jsolomon@cfci.net; 910-362-0000 ext. 210