Who are the members of the PCN and how do I communicate with them if I have questions or concerns? 

Contact all members generally at pcn@cfci.net.

PCN Chair: Elaine Logothetis Jack

K-1 Shelley Thomas & Keri Wray:  K-1pcn@cfci.net

2-3 Melissa King:  2-3pcn@cfci.net

4-5 E Stanfield:  4-5pcn@cfci.net

6-8 Elaine Jack and Keri Wray:  6-8pcn@cfci.net

How do I get on
the agenda for a PCN meeting?

Email your request to pcn@cfci.net detailing what you would
like to discuss with the group.  All agenda
requests must be received 7 calendar days (one week) prior to the PCN
meeting.  The PCN will reach out to you
following the development of the agenda for the month.

When does the PCN meet?          

The PCN meetings the 1st Wednesday of each month.  Our first two meetings of 2019-2020 will be 1:30-2:45.  (September/October).  We will assess and determine times for future meetings following.

Member Bios:  Please see member bios on the PCN Homepage