State of NC Releases School Performance Grades

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Today, the State of North Carolina released NC School Performance Grades for most schools, including the Cape Fear Center for Inquiry. At CFCI, we do not focus on teaching to the test, but continue to show success year after year. We do believe that teaching students test taking strategies and how to work through a standardized test is an important life skill, but it is not the focus of our day to day action. We teach students the curriculum, but we are able to do it through an inquiry-based method allowing students to discover, research and investigate so they are internalizing the information that they learn. We work to make learning engaging and meaningful for all students.

For an easy to read CFCI Report, visit this link:  State Release School Performance Grades

For questions regarding CFCI’s school performance, please feel free to contact School Testing Coordinator, Jennifer Paetzold ( or Lori Roy (