CFCI Alumni: Where are they now? Michael and Megan Chang

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Michael Chang is a former student from CFCI, class of 2005. He graduated from the NC Science and Math High School in 2009. He then graduated from Yale in 2013 with his undergraduate degree. He is now a MA student at the University of Washington where he was awarded “Top Scholar” by the University for 2013-2014. He is 23 and enjoys swimming, cooking, and biking. His favorite books are The Hunger Games and 100 Years of Solitude. His younger sister, Megan Chang, also went to CFCI. He lives in Seattle, Washington. When asked, “What teacher at CFCI impacted you the most,” he replied, “Teresa Lambe – she really cared about her students and kept tabs on a lot of us as we went through high school and college. She also really pushed me as a student while I was at CFCI.” His best memories from CFCI were the field trips and friends. He still keeps in touch with his friends and runs into them sometimes when he comes to Wilmington. Michael studied Ecology and Evolution for his undergraduate and is getting his masters in Marine Science and Biology. When he was asked, “Did CFCI prepare you for college,” he replied, “college was so long after I left CFCI but it definitely prepared me for high school.”

Megan is a former CFCI, class of 2009 student that is living in Cambridge, Mass. She graduated from Isaac Bear Early College in 2013. She is now a sophomore at Harvard University where she was a 2013 US Presidential Scholar and a 2014 Recipient of ROC Outstanding Expatriate Youth. She is currently studying Biomedical Engineering. She still keeps in touch with her CFCI friends and had a lot of fun attending CFCI. She felt that CFCI helped to give her a love for learning and a curiosity to explore. When she was asked which teacher made the most impact on her education she responded, “Teresa Lambe. She really helped me understand literature.” Megan enjoyed doing this interview and really loved attending CFCI.