LOTTERY:  The lottery will be held on Tuesday, February 18th at 9:00am in the Multi-purpose Building.  While it is not mandatory to attend, parents are welcome.

Admission to the school is based on a lottery system, as required by state policy. There will be a random drawing of lottery numbers to establish enrollment and waiting lists. Maximum class size limits of 20 students in each K and 1st grade class, 22 in each 2nd and 3rd grade class, and 24 in each 4th – 8th grade class will determine the numbers of students allotted for each class. A waiting list will be established using the lottery system whenever capacity is exceeded and the students on the list will be contacted if and when openings occur in the current school year only. The waiting list does not roll over to the following school year. A new application must be completed and turned in to the main school office each school year to be included in the lottery.

The following exceptions to the lottery and admissions process may be made each year, in accordance with the 1997 amendments to G.S. 115C-238.29:
Currently enrolled students will be given first priority. children of CFCI faculty/staff members will be given second priority. Siblings of currently enrolled students will be given third priority. Siblings constitute brother or sister, half-brother, half-sister, stepbrother, or stepsister who resides in the same household as the currently enrolled student.  Siblings of students who have completed the highest grade level offered by CFCI and who were enrolled in at least four grade levels offered by CFCI will be given fourth priority. Students who were enrolled in CFCI within the two previous school years but left the school to participate in an academic study abroad program or a competitive admission residential program or because of the vocational opportunities of the student’s parent will be given fifth priority.