Cape Fear Center for Inquiry is a K-8 public charter school in Wilmington, NC.  Each year the Partnership for CFCI (our PTO) hosts a direct-donation campaign called Fund the Wonder to raise money for the school. 

Money raised from Fund the Wonder goes directly to the school to provide additional support above and beyond what is allotted in state budgets.   With these funds we can provide stipends to teachers for classroom materials, curriculum licenses, professional development workshops and training for teachers and staff, school and playground improvements, inquiry materials, and much more! 

 Our goal for this year’s Fund the Wonder is 10,000.   With a donation of $50 from every student’s family, we would definitely exceed this goal.  However we ask you to consider giving whatever amount works for your individual situation.   You can also share this fundraiser with your friends and family, if you choose.   Thank you for your donation and for funding the wonder and joy of learning at CFCI!