End of Year Testing Calendar & Proctors Needed

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CFCI End of Year Testing Days

May 20th-5th grade Science

May 21st– 8th grade Science

May 27th- 3-8 grade Reading

May 28th- 3-8 grade Math

June 2nd-8th grade Math 1 & 3rd grade Read to Achieve (retest; if needed)

We need proctors for testing on ALL of these days! The days we need the most proctors are May 27/28. We provide proctor training and breakfast snacks on each of these days. Proctor training occurs at 8:15/-8:30 & then proctors are sent to their testing classrooms. Proctors are usually in school until approx. 12/12:30. This time could be shorter/longer so a little flexibility with time is a big help. Please pass this call for proctors along to family and friends please. Our need for proctors is great and we have been fortunate in the past to have grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends of the family, etc. come to CFCI to proctor. If you are interested please email  Jennifer Paetzold at jpaetzold@cfci.net . In your email, please note the grade level(s) that you have children. This is asked because you cannot proctor in a grade level in which you have a child.