Congrats Abby and Mollie!

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And the T-Shirt DESIGN WINNERS are…….Abigail Tripp and Mollie Brinker! Congratulations ladies!!!

This vote was followed VERY closely with our
FIRST RUNNER UP: Dinah Carlin! Congratulations Dinah!

SECOND RUNNER UP: Rene Gouverneur! Yay, Miss Rene!

THIRD RUNNER UP: Cooper Mandle! Congrats Cooper!

A HUGE Thank you to everyone who submitted designs. We had over 100 entries and have been WOWED by the talent among us!

Winner- Abby and Mollie

Winners- Mollie Brinker and Abby Tripp

1st runner up Dinah Carlin

1st Runner Up- Dinah Carlin

2nd Runner Up Ms. Rene

2nd Runner Up- Ms. Rene

3rd runner up Cooper Mandle

3rd Runner Up- Cooper Mandle