CFCI Seeking New Community and Parent Board Members!

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Dear CFCI staff, board, parents, alumni and other community members,


We have an exciting opportunity coming up in May!  The CFCI Board of Directors has two community board member seats and one parent/community (one or other) seat available.  We thrive with our very active Board of Directors and their support of our mission and vision at CFCI.  The basic responsibilities are listed below.  Our board meets each month at 6:00pm on the third Tuesday.  Each board member also serves on a committee that meets once a month within the school.  These committees range from Finance, Development, Curriculum, Policy and Procedure Review Committee and other specific fundraising committees.


We value the role that each of our board members take part in through this volunteer commitment.  If you or friends of yours are interested in taking part in this opportunity to help ensure that CFCI continues to grow as a K-8 school, we truly encourage completing and returning the attached application.


Please complete and return an application no later than Friday, May 13th to Jennifer Solomon, Human Resources Coordinator at  Applications are located at:  You may fax applications to 910-362-0048 or mail to


Cape Fear Center for Inquiry

Attn: Jennifer Solomon

2525 Wonder Way

Wilmington, NC  28401



Basic Responsibilities (as defined by NC State Board of Education)


  1. Ensure the school’s academic program is successful, measured by both internal and external assessments.
  2. Ensure the school’s operational programs are faithful to the terms of its charter, including compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  3. Ensure the school is a viable organization, which includes, among other things, that it is financially solvent and has a competent professional staff.


Primary Role:


    1. The board has authority only when it votes as a group
    2. No single member has authority for the board as a whole