CFCI Appreciates all Veterans and recognizes those in our community.

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Students and Faculty at the Cape Fear Center for Inquiry would like to thank our community heroes who have served or are serving in our United States Armed Forces. We thank you today in honor of Veteran’s Day, but thank you always for your sacrifice.

In Memory Of:

Major George Washington Piland, Marine Corp Pilot, 1939-1963 died in service 1963


Curtis Edwin Underwood, US Army, WWII 1942-1945


Watt Delancy Cassell, US Navy, Korean War


Charles I Johnson, US Navy, 10 years of service


Cecil P. Walker, US Army, 1941-1945


Leonard DePrisco, US Army, WWII and Korean War, served from age 18-retirement


In Honor Of:

Richard M. Jack, U.S. Navy, 1945-1946


Fred Peck, Marine Corp, 1980-1985


James Garrigan, US Navy WWII


William Cryan, Marine Corps  1975-1995


Lynn Rossero, Marine Corps, 1965-1970


Jeff Wolfenson, US Army 1974-1977
George Rheel,  Army,  big red 1 Vietnam
Andre Troches, US Army, June 2007-present


Peter Hornung, US Navy, 2003-2011


Kurtis Hornung, National Guard, June 2012-present


Michael W. Gregorio, US Marine Corps, 1967-1968, Vietnam


David Tubergen, Air Force, 1972-1992


Robert Davis, US Army, 32 Years of service


RJ Davis, US Navy and US Air Force, 23 Years of service


Linda Davis, US Army, 3 Years of service


Ryan Nielson, US Air Force, Active Duty, 10 years at present


Mark Bryant, US National Guard, 3 years of service


Petty Officer Steve Williams, US Coast Guard Reserve, 2003-present


Munisha Adams, Army, 2006-present


Terrance Adams, Army, 2005-present


Nathan Sigler, Army, served 20 years (retired)


Ronnie Harling, Navy, served 20 years (retired)


Michael Stokely, US Navy, 1990-1994, Persian Gulf War


Rober Palmeter, US Navy, 1960’s


Johnnie Sumner, US Navy, 1960’s


Pamela Stack, US Air Force 1980’s


John Wozniak, US Air Force, 1960’s


Captain Gerald Spencer, US Navy, Mid 1960’s-mid 1980’s


ENS Alex Fredrickson, US Navy, 2012-present


Thomas A. Brown, US Army, 2001-present


John R. Wollen, US Army, 1968-1980


Albert Martin, Lt. Col, US Marine Corps, 1966-1969


Col. Robert E. Tripp, US Army (retired), late 1960’s-early 90’s, two tours of Vietnam


Jack Slusher, US Army, WWII


Patrick Paradis, Air Force, 20 years of service


Mike Lindsay, US Coast Guard


Timothy J. Grant, US Coast Guard, 1989-present


James Robert Jr., US Army, Vietnam


Darrell Robert Conley, US Army, Vietnam


Ricky Anglin, US Air Force


Michael Collins, US Army, Retired


Wesley Piner, US Air Force


Strider Shanks, US Navy, 1994-2000


John Thomson, US Army 1968-72. Vietnam


Steve Thomson, US Navy, 1980-1984


Paul A. Sotomayor, US Marine Corps, 20+ years of service


SSG Jeffrey Swan, 20 years of service


Bill Joynes, US Marines, 20 years of service, retired 1998


William Mellon, USA, May 88-May 92


Shane Mellon, USA (retired) 1994-2011


Michael Cam Lewis, USN 2000-present


Bess Anne Clancy-Becker, Air Force, 1988-92


Michael Daigneault, US Navy, 2/1965-1/1968, Vietnam


Suzanne Prose, US Navy, retired Commander, 24 years of service


Rose Blakeslee, US Air Force, 4 years active, 2 years reserve


Matthew Fischer, US Marine Corps,  2012-present


Richard E. Sullivan, US Marine Corps, 1962-66 – Vietnam veteran


Robert J. Brandenburg,  Air Force , 1967-1971


Richard M. Sullivan, US Marine Corps, 1983-1986


Margaret Lockard, Navy,  1988-1992


Aaron M. Lockard, US Marine Corps, presently in bootcamp, graduates in January


Monica Bailey, US Air Force, 20 years of service, currently Lt. Col.


Tony DePrisco, US Marine Corps 2000-2004, US Navy, 2006-present


Jerry Roy, US Army


Cpt. Justin Roy, US Army, 2004-present


Gerard O. Roy, US Army, WWII