CFCI Alumni: Where are they now? The Radack Family

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We are often asked the question, how do your students do after they leave CFCI?  What are your alumni doing now?  One of our big initiatives this year is seeking alumni information and helping students stay in touch with one another and the school.  As we celebrate 15 years of successful education at CFCI this year, it truly is time to connect and CELEBRATE our students, both current and former.  We will be featuring CFCI Alumni monthly, inviting our alumni to events, connecting alumni with a spring connection opportunity, and sharing information on Facebook, Twitter and possibly other forms of social media as our connection efforts grow.  If you know CFCI alumni, direct them to and ask them to connect!

Where are they now?  

Maggie, Lily, and Chet Radack

Maggie Radack (CFCI 3-8, class of 2006) graduated summa cum laude, with the highest distinction from UNC Chapel Hill in the spring of 2014.  She majored in Chemistry and minored in both Spanish and Violin.  Despite graduating at the top of her Chemistry class, she was eager to explore more of the spanish speaking world (she studied in Seville, Spain her junior year).  She earned an ESL certification on line this spring, and is currently teaching english to the employees of the Chilean Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, in the middle of the Patagonian Andes (  She will also be doing some outreach in a nearby village’s music school with her violin and ukulele.  She taught science to upcoming 9th graders at the Duke Summer Sleuth Camp this summer, and is thinking she may end up teaching chemistry in the future.


Lily Radack (first kindergarten graduating class of 2009) is currently enrolled in the Honor’s College at ECU.  This summer, she studied abroad in Australia with ECU was officially accepted in the Allied Science School, which means she has officially skipped her sophomore year. She plans on becoming a speech pathologist, which requires a 2 year post graduate degree.


Chet Radack (CFCI, K-8, Class of 2013)  will be a sophomore this year at Hoggard High School.  He is playing JV football again this fall, and ran track and played trumpet in the Wilmington Youth Symphony last spring.  His transition to Hoggard was a smooth one, both socially and academically.  His greatest achievement this summer has been mastering a variety of Parkour flips and tricks, which will not surprise his early elementary teachers at CFCI since he often cartwheeled into morning meetings!