Board of Directors

Meet the CFCI Board of Directors

Below are our 2019-2020 CFCI Board of Directors.  CFCI is thankful for each of these volunteers who put in hours of work each month to ensure proper governance of our school.  We appreciate their hard work, dedication and partnership with administration, faculty, staff, students and families.  This is a dedicated group of people who truly believe in the Mission and Vision of CFCI! 

*denotes voting board members

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*Ashley Cooksley

Board Chair/ CFCI Parent


*Dr. Stephen Hill

Parent/ UNCW Professor


Sarah McCorcle

Founder's Seat/ 6th Teacher


Shannon Shanks

CFCI K & 1st Grade Teacher

*Dave Boucher

Board Secretary/ CFCI Parent

Jennifer LaFleur

CFCI 4th-5th Grade Teacher

chuck jurich

*Charles Jurich

Community/UNCW Professor

photo coming soon

*Lakeasha Glaspie

CFCI Parent


Wes Rose

CFCI Music & Band Teacher

nancy johnsen

*Nancy Johnsen

Community/Retired Educator


Emily Luther

Partnership (PTO)


Brandt Hart

7/8 Science Teacher