1st Grader Gets Stewardship Award!

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Seven year old Leo (Leonidas) Jack smiled in his button down shirt and red tie in response to being the newly crowned (and youngest ever) Stewardship Champion by the Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Coalition. Leo’s recognition caused a standing ovation at the February 19th Annual Stewardship Development Award Luncheon held at The Terraces on Sir Tyler. It was all set in motion on May 30, 2013 when police discovered that 1,000 Venus’ flytraps had been stolen from the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden south of downtown Wilmington.

Instead of receiving birthday gifts when turning 6, Leo asked his friends to donate to the NC Coastal Land Trust to pay for new flytraps because, he said, “I don’t want them to become extinct.” His mother, Elaine Jack, suggested he make the donation because flytraps are unique to this area and are becoming scarce. Leo encouraged others to give their money to help as well.

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