Board of Directors

2016-2017 CFCI Board of Directors  

Cathey Luna, President-
Ashley Cooksley, Secretary-
Todd Fischer-
Lauren Lombardi-
Kristin Hudson-
Beth Carter-
Lisa Buchanan-
Angela Carson*, Partnership Seat-
Missy Ritchie*-
Cathi Mintz*-
Lori Roy,* Director-
Lisa Sharpe, Founder’s Seat*-
Jackie Anderson*-
Kelly Dodd*-
* non voting member

Important Information

  • The Executive Committee meets at minimum one week prior to the Board meeting to set the Board agenda.  Board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6pm.
  • Board Agenda Requests: If you would like to request that an item be added to the Board agenda, please e-mail the Board Secretary, Ashley Cooksley at with “CFCI Board Agenda” in the subject line, or place the request in her box in the main school office. The agenda request must include the subject, a brief synopsis of what you would like to present, the amount of time requested, any handouts you would like to distribute, and whether your request is informational, discussion, and/or requests board action.
  • All requests and materials need to be submitted by noon on the first Friday of the month. If items are not received by this time, then they will not be considered until the following month’s board meeting. The Board Executive Committee reserves the right to determine whether the item is added to the agenda, to ask for additional information, or to redirect the request to an appropriate committee or person.

Board and Faculty Committees Meetings–**Meeting times subject to change**
All meetings revolve around the Board of Director’s Meetings which are always the third Tuesday of each month.

  • Development Committee (Fundraising, Marketing & Strategic Planning)– Monday 2 weeks before board meeting
  • Social/Sunshine – Tuesday 2 weeks before board meeting
  • PPRC – Thursday 2 weeks before board meeting
  • Finance – Monday 1 week before board meeting
  • Life Long Learning (Curriculum) – Tuesday 1 week before board meeting
  • Technology – Thursday 1 week before board meeting
  • BT Support – Thursday 1 week after board meeting